How to Roll

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How to Roll

Post by Psyckosama on Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:01 am

In absence of the ability to use one's hand to hold dice, Jeff Dee gave us another method. He said to roll 1d2-1 for each stone and then count up the value. This forum works along those lines.

There are two dice created for Cavemaster on this forum. The first is the "stone" dice, which is a black or white stone. A white stone is a success, a black stone a failure.

Psyckosama carried out 4 launched of one stone (Image not informed.) :
, , ,

There is also the "fourstone" dice which is designed to match up to the supplemental random 'roll' charts for the system

Psyckosama carried out 1 launched of one fourstone (Image not informed.) :

Dice may either be rolled using the integrated dice rolling system in the post window, which cannot be change by anyone except an administrator to prevent cheating, or it may use the BB code rolling method which is listed below. Be warned that the BB code result will change if the post is edited which means if the post has been changed, they're probably cheating.

(roll="Dice")Number of Dice(/Roll) rewritten as proper BB bode


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