Official (and Semi-Official) Additional Rules Collection

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Official (and Semi-Official) Additional Rules Collection

Post by Psyckosama on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:33 pm

Every once in a while one of the Developers will post up some official, or maybe unofficial but still fun rules for expanding the use and scope of Cavemaster and the Habilis Rules System. For the sake of completion, they will be assembled here.

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Cavemaster Supplemental Rules

Post by Psyckosama on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:34 pm

By Jeff Dee

Obsidian Weapons
When available, obsidian can be used to make sharper (though more brittle) weapon blades. Obsidian-bladed weapons gain a +1 Melee modifier, but shatter on a tie when an opponent attacks in melee. Obsidian missile weapons always shatter when used. Tooth-clubs, being made of numerous small shards, do not shatter (but do require maintenance after each battle).

The CM may grant a +1/2 modifier if they think a character deserves a tiny bonus.

Instead of getting a full +1 modifier, the CM loans the character 1 extra stone for the duration of the Challenge. Use a different color stone, to help you remember that it's a loaner. This extra stone only yields its +1 bonus if it happens to turn up in the chosen hand. The extra stone cannot be taken as 'damage', but could be lost if the CM rules that the bonus no longer applies.


A charm is a small carved effigy representing a particular spirit. A charm may be completely abstract, or crudely representational - but in order to serve as a Spirit Charm (see below) it must be somewhat well made, requiring a successful test vs. a difficulty of 5 stones. It takes about an hour to carve a charm. Charms may have artistic/trade or sentimental value, but they have no particular game effect unless Enchanted (see below).

New Spell Framework: Enchant
The spell imbues a physical object with the ability to grant a +1 modifier to one character or creature that is touching, wearing, carrying, or using it. The caster must specify a 'theme' for the enchantment (equivalent to a character perk). The object must be appropriate to the theme. Charms are always appropriate for any theme related to the spirit which they represent. Other items are appropriate for effects directly related to their normal purpose (example: a +1 combat modifier on a weapon), but not for anything else unless the item is also a charm.

The difficulty is always 4. If the caster succeeds, the objects bestows a modifier of +1 on all actions by the character which fall within the specified theme of the enchantment. The bonus lasts for 1 Turn per point of success margin. The caster will probably want the enchantment to be made semi-permanent (see Extended Spell Duration, CM p. 38).

Enchanted items are handy because they provide a ready bonus that can be passed around.

Example: Flint Lore applied to a flint weapon, to provide a +1 on melee combat checks when using that weapon.

Example 2: Saber Tooth Lore, applied to a charm representing the Saber Tooth Spirit, to grant its user the equivalent of 1 stone of the Strong Perk (representing the strength of the saber tooth).

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Final Frontier

Post by Psyckosama on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:35 pm

Habilis(tm) Rules for Treks Through The Stars

By Jeff Dee

Weapons Table
Weapon Type:    Melee:    Missile:    Rng:    Shots:    Other:
Phlaser Mk. 1    -        +1          1.5     many       Tangle Option
Phlaser Mk. 2    +0       +1          2.5     many       Tangle Option
Phlaser Mk. 3    +0       +2          4       many       Tangle Option

Other Weapon Characteristics

Tangle Option
The weapon can be used to make either a normal attack or a Tangle attack.

9.0 The People of the Final Frontier

9.X Vulkians
Racial Ability: Strong (same as the Perk)
Racial Traits: Logical (+1 where applicable) but Unemotional (-1 where applicable)


    ship vs. ship tactics
    assess risk
    knowledge of military organizations
    knowledge of inhabited star systems

Communications Officer
    speak tactfully
    research (includes repeating computer)
    locate signal
    decrypt/decode message

Engineering Officer
    repair spacecraft
    repair other equipment
    makeshift equipment
    knowledge of ship schematics

Medical Officer
    knowledge of xeno-biology

Science Officer
    general science
    a useful relevant science specialty
    inductive/deductive reasoning
    knowledge of documented anomalies

Security Officer
    empty-hand combat
    pistol weapons
    knowledge of law/crime

Space Survivalist
    tracking (on a ship)
    cache (hide) supplies
    low-gravity combat
    scavenge settlement of your species
    alertness (resist surprise, etc.)

    detect subterfuge (includes lying by omission)
    convince (includes attempting a lie)
    etiquette/knowledge of customs
    knowledge of intergalactic history

Space Pilot

    "dogfighting" in space
    knowledge of star systems
    knowledge of galactic corridors


Character is attractive and charismatic. Player specifies if this is sex appeal, seeming trustworthiness, comfortingness, etc. Pick one. Character gets a one Stone bonus when trying to make use of this feature.

Whether it's true or not, a BUNCH of people believe this character is somebody special. Character gets a one Stone bonus whenever trying to talk believers into doing something.

Character can try to read emotions at range of touch, using their Core Stones versus a default difficulty of 4 Stones. The subject can try to actively resist being understood; use their Core Stones and any relevant bonuses.

Internal Symbiote
Character has one extra Stone that can be applied to Challenges involving the symbiote's area of expertise, which must be a type of knowledge.

Character can establish a two-way line of communications with a willing subject. Requires range of touch to establish; lasts until dropped by either party.

Android Body
Character does need some kind of regular nourishment but is free from the need to breathe, or sleep. On the first attack to do damage to this character, two points of damage are disregarded.

Due to anagathic drugs, having been frozen and reawakened, etc., this character has lived an unusually long time but will also be unfamiliar with some details of modern life. Character gets two Knowledge skills (things that do not add to combat.)

Deadly Reflexes
In any Initiative challenge, this character goes first. If two characters both have this Perk, a normal initiative check is made.

Vulkian Nerve Pinch
This Perk allows the character to make an unarmed attack that Tangles.

Not sure about the Mind Meld..

STUFF Minor Science Fictiony Pet, Ancient Artifact, Special Weapon, Small Personal Craft, Vacuum-worthy Armor,Exceptional Super-tool...

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Celebrity Characters

Post by Psyckosama on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:49 pm

By Jeff Dee

Dak Tar
Core: 5
Job: Time Lord 3 (Operate Tardis, Science*, History, Intimidate)
Perk: Alert 1
Perk: Protective 1
Perk: Wise 1
Dak Tar is a strangely-dressed being who superficially resembles a Yorwa. He travels inside an unnatural blue-painted object that disappears at his command and allows him to reappear in any time and place he desires. He rarely if ever commits violence, preferring to take or be captured or even die in order to avoid harming another. He is often accompanied by one or more Time Tourists, who appear not to need the typical silvery path due to their association with Dak Tar. Dak Tar appears at times of great trouble, selflessly aiding the Tojeepah and then mysteriously disappearing again.

Psychic Paper: This item appears to be a piece of animal skin with any pictograph(s) on it that the holder wishes the viewer to see.

Sonic Screwdriver: This tool is able to activate, deactivate, lock, or unlock any other advanced technological device. This requires a Standard Challenge against the difficulty of the targeted device. Range is 1/2 span.

*Dak Tar's 'Science' ability covers all types of Spirit Lore that would fall within the major sciences, but it cannot be used for Spirit magic.

Loana the Fair One
Breed: Yorwa
Tribe: the Shell people
Core: 4
Job: Healer 1
Perk: Attractive 2
Loana was portrayed by Raquel Welch in the 1966 film 'One Million Years BC'.

Core: 5
Job: Hunter 1
Perk: Stealth 1
Perk: Tracking 1
Run AND Brachiate x1
Hunting Suit:
Toughness 1
Stealth 1 (camoflage)
Tracking 1 (sensors)
Claws 0 (no unarmed penalty)
Blaster: Missile +1, Range 4, many shots
Net (see CM p. 21)

These alien creatures come to Earth - usually alone - seeking honorable prey. They tend to initially fixate on megafauna like Mastodons and apex predators like the Sabre-Tooth Tiger, but will eagerly switch to hunting the Tojeepah races if they demonstrate their worth. The carefully cleaned skulls of a Predator's kills are displayed aboard its starship, which is usually hidden in a large cavern. Their hunting suits and ships are both equipped with self-destruct devices, which annihilate anything on the same playing surface when the countdown timer expires.

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Post by Psyckosama on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:51 pm


by Talzhemir Mrr

How to do "A Song of Ice and Fire" Cavemaster-style

CAMPAIGN: The CM chooses a canon character to whom the characters are loyal. Some possibilities are Ser Jorah Mormont (you're members of the Night's Watch) and Walder Frey (you're all Walders and Waldrinas).

CHARACTER GENERATION: Start with Core 5, a medieval Job, and a Perk (being an acting noble is a Perk). All characters are humans.

Instead of a Stone in Race, choose a Background: Wildling, Beggary, Peasantry, Army, Dothraki, the Faith (Church of the Seven), The Citadel (Maesters), The Night's Watch, or Court (choose a House). The main advantage of your Background is knowing appropriate people. Stones in Background represent rank within the relevant organization. You can not take Damage in your Background.

Choose Stuff (one non-magical item, a pet, or a helper) as normal. Arya's Needle and Gendry's horned helmet are examples of Stuff.

Think up a 1 point Flaw, neither too severe (no arms) nor too trivial (phobia of chickens). You may ONLY buy this off at the cost of one of your Core stones.

SPECIAL: You may take a simple supernatural or highly unusual ability at the cost of 1 Stone (this may NOT be a Core Stone), or take on a second Flaw (possibly something somehow related to the Special). It may not be too visually obvious (sorry, no angel wings). It may not be something that the locals see and instantly want to kill (so, not scaly hide). It should be medieval-fantasy (so, no laser beam eyes, please). Keep the power level in line with those of canon characters when they just started out.


Tyrion. CORE 5, BACKGROUND House Lannister, PERK Clever Tongue 1, JOB Scholar 1, STUFF Signet Ring. SPECIAL Little Person: FLAWS Stigma (dwarf), Move X½, PERK Small 1 (missile attacks on him are at -1 to hit)

Jon Snow. CORE 5, BACKGROUND Night's Watch, PERK Moral Fortitude 1, JOB Brother of the Night's Watch 1, STUFF Dire Wolf (Ghost), FLAW Stigma (bastard). SPECIAL Sword of Valyrian Steel (Longclaw, +1 Damage). FLAW Responsibility (Oathbound to the Night's Watch)

Hodor. CORE 5, BACKGROUND Peasant, PERK Strong 1, JOB Porter 1, FLAW Simple Minded, SPECIAL He's big. MOVE X1.5 FLAW Can't speak normally (Can only say "Hodor!")

Danaerys Targaryen. CORE 5, BACKGROUND Dothraki, PERK Attractive 1, JOB Nomad Chieftess 1, FLAW Vengeful. SPECIAL She is highly resistant to fire and heat. FLAW Refugee/exile from the nobility of Westeros.


Wight Thralls (those killed by the Others) CORE 4, BACKGROUND either Wildling or Night's Watch, PERK Fanatically loyal to the Others, JOB Warrior, STUFF sword/pitchfork/etc. for +0 Damage. SPECIAL: UNDEAD: Feel no pain; don't need air/food/water. FLAWS Fire does 1 extra damage. An obsidian blade or arrowhead does 2 extra damage. Mute.

Wights (The Others) CORE 5, BACKGROUND ???, JOB Warrior.

SPECIAL: UNDEAD: Feel no pain; don't need air/food/water. STUFF crystal sword (on a Combat tie, any iron or steel weapon shatters; can not be wielded by humans; does +1 damage) TOUGHNESS 1. FLAWS Fire does 1 extra damage. An obsidian blade or arrowhead does 2 extra damage.

Dragon (young adult) CORE 7, fly X3, Toughness 2, Bite 2 (reach), Breathe Fire 2 (ranged)


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Rolling with Dice

Post by Psyckosama on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:35 pm

By Jeff Dee

Here's an odd notion. If you really want to, you can play Cavemaster with dice. Instead of splitting stones between your hands, roll 1d2-1 per stone (for a result of 0 or 1 per die). Total up the points you rolled, and that's your result. This speeds things up by eliminating the step of choosing hands, but on the downside it also eliminates player input because you no longer choose how to split your stones. And, of course, it's a lot less authentic. We may consider this implementation of the Habilis system if we use it for non-Paleolithic settings. Comments?


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Re: Official (and Semi-Official) Additional Rules Collection

Post by Psyckosama on Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:56 pm

By Talzhemir Mrr

RANDOM TABLE TEMPLATES. Create tables, then generate results like our nerdiest distant ancestors! There's a 16 possibility chart, and a 64 possibility chart to fill out. Randomly generate oddly inspirational two-part Yorwa names, gutsy male Rogok names or spirited female Rogok names.

Contains both the rules for creating random charts and name generators for three of the hour primary races. Dead useful.

* Random Tables


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Re: Official (and Semi-Official) Additional Rules Collection

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